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Traditional designs with modern techniques and efficient service.

Gown Hire.

At Graduation Attire, we take pride in offering comprehensive gown hire services tailored to each client's needs.

Our meticulous attention to detail begins with providing attire matched to the specific dress scheme of the client's institution, ensuring a seamless blend of tradition and elegance.

Beyond just delivering the attire, we go the extra mile by meticulously planning room layouts, optimising gown registration, and dressing areas for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Throughout the entire process, we maintain open lines of communication, continuously liaising with our clients to ensure that every aspect is properly planned and executed to perfection.

From initial consultation to the ceremony day itself, our dedicated team ensures that everything is prepared correctly, creating the perfect graduation day.

Pick & Pack.

Drawing on our extensive expertise in e-commerce, Graduation Attire has established itself as a leader in providing seamless pick and pack graduation services to our clients.

Through our advanced logistical capabilities and streamlined processes, we ensure that students receive their graduation wear well in advance of their special day.

We meticulously package each order with care and precision, guaranteeing accurate and timely delivery to every student.

Dressing service.

At Graduation Attire, we excel in providing universities with comprehensive graduation dressing services tailored to both students and staff members.

We meticulously plan dressing room layouts, strategically placing barriers and implementing clear wayfinding signage to ensure smooth traffic flow and minimise congestion.

By taking care of every detail, from attire distribution to dressing room arrangements, we enable universities to focus on delivering memorable graduation ceremonies while ensuring a seamless and dignified experience for all participants.

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With years of graduation experience, our photography team help create photos that students can't help but show off.

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Supporting students at every step from our custom built booking system to helping making the last minute tweaks on the day

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Not everyone wants the physical copy which is we always provide high quality digital copies for those that want to take the green approach