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The Client

York St John University's previous gowning supplier fell short of meeting the institution's expectations on multiple fronts, leading to a subpar experience for graduates and their families.

One significant issue was the ineffective communication and collaboration, creating unnecessary stress on York St John staff.

Additionally, the absence of a sustainable focus in the company's academic dress creation highlighted a missed opportunity for environmentally responsible practices.

Furthermore, the failure to incorporate modern technology in their services added an extra layer of inconvenience. Recognising the importance of a forward-thinking approach to graduation ceremonies, York St John University sought a new gowning supplier committed to excellence in service, sustainability, and the integration of technology for a more streamlined and contemporary experience.

The Solution

Graduation Attire played an instrumental role in crafting an exceptional graduation experience for York St John University by employing a multifaceted approach. Our clear and consistent communication with York St John University staff leading up to the event established a foundation of collaboration and understanding; this proactive engagement ensured that the academic institution's specific needs and expectations were met with precision, fostering a seamless planning process.

Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability stood out, prioritising eco-friendly practices in the production of academic dress, aligning with York St John University's values.

The integration of our GradTag™ technology added a modern and efficient dimension to the entire process, streamlining communication and providing students with a user-friendly platform on their graduation day.

The Results

By addressing these key aspects, Graduation Attire not only met but exceeded York St John University's expectations, contributing significantly to the overall success and positive atmosphere of the graduation ceremony.

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