Graduation Gowns

Explore our full range of Graduation Gowns and Robes

Our graduation gowns will last a lifetime, that moment you go through on a stage with a thousand applauds will live with you forever, look the best you can for that occasion with our Graduation Gowns and Graduation Robes.

Choose from our range of twill weave and eco friendly graduation gowns & robes that fit your moment perfectly from nursery all the way to university and PhD.

Where Did Graduation Gowns Originate From?

Graduation gowns date all the way back to the 12th century when universities were first founded in Europe, originating from the gowns often worn by the clergy. Over the years, many different styles and colours have been introduced aside from the classic black with certain colours being reserved for specific degrees such as red for doctorates as well as being introduced to other levels of education outside of university.

At Evess, we have a complete and thorough range for all ages as well as gowns for all levels of education from bachelor degrees to masters and doctorate gowns in both the British and American style.

Graduation Gowns F.A.Q

How do I hire a graduation Robe? +

Complete our For Hire booking form with all the necessary details and we’ll get in touch to arrange this with you.

How much is it to rent a gown? +

Evess hire a wide range of robes for different award levels, starting from £25 (+ £35 refundable deposit upon return) for our traditional bachelor’s gown only. 

For our Graduate from home sets, which include; Graduation Gown, Cap and Hood set the prices range from £25.

What do you wear under a university graduation robe? +

We recommend wearing smart clothing to look your best and be able to look back on fondly but it will depend on the ceremony hosts. For more information read our article: What should I wear under my graduation gown?

How much are graduation robes in the UK? +

Children’s Graduation Robes start from just £7.50 but for Adult High School, College, University or Other Educational institute graduations, prices start from £35 for just the robe only. Academic Hoods worn over the shoulders and Graduation caps can then be bought separately.