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From our inception as Graduation Attire, we saw how ceremonial traditions needed to be updated to modern values. All of our black ceremonial gowns are made from certified recycled materials, saving the equivalent of 30 bottles in post-consumer plastic from polluting the sea with every gown made. That's only the start of it, we're looking to do a lot more to make a better world for all.
30 Plastic bottles per gown
Equivalent of 30 plastic bottles in post-consumer plastic are used to create 1 gown
21 Tons of Carbon Offset Per Year
High-quality polyester
10-years of use (minimum!)
Encouraing reusability
Through our partnership with, we encourage all our buyers to re-sell!

The gown process

Here are the four simplified steps explaining how our gowns are made from recycled materials!


It starts with you! Recycled bottles are collected and broken down into flakes.


Plastic chips

Bottle flakes are then taken and formed into chips.


Formed into yarn

The chips from the bottles are then extruded into yarn.


Gown creation

Our gowns are then created using the yarn with approximately 30 plastic bottles of post-consumer plastic used per gown.


We only work with certified recycled materials and are working on achieving an ISO14001 accreditation for our business practices.

Offsetting our footprint

We don't just stop at the materials, we offset all the carbon generated by the transport and production of our goods every year.

Green thinking

We invest in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies to transition towards a low-carbon energy footprint. Our aim is to power our operations with 100% renewable energy.

We know there's always more to be done and are actively looking into new solutions to make everything we do sustainable.

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