University of Northampton Case Study

8000+ Students in 14 months

Studio & on-stage photography services

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The Client

As one of the newest UK Universities, the University of Northampton has already won multiple awards as leader in social value for their courses and degrees.

Initially working with them to provide virtual graduation celebrations we provided our first gowning & photography services in their super graduation of 3,500 students in their 3-day Super graduation.

Before providing our solution, we got to understand their previous problems around no electronic ticketing causing seat allocation issues, officer robe compliance and crucially long queue times.

The Solution

It was clear that we needed to provide various components to improve the experience for students. This included a secure booking portal that could allocate seats, improved quality of gowns, a well managed studio photography system and additions such as live-streaming and graduation memorabilia.

We ensured that all our actions were in the University’s own policies around timescales and were able to collect additional mandatory information from the graduates.

Improving the quality of the academic dress also provided an opportunity for a slight redesign.

The Results

Our booking system meant the University was able to limit capacity and prevent ceremonies from being oversubscribed whilst ensuring VIPs, accessibility and regular seats were all correctly allocated as per the digital layout.

In total 28 ceremonies across 3 different locations have been delivered for the University with our careful planning, account management and dedicated customer service team resulted in a much stronger experience for students and their families.

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