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Graduation Hoods & Stoles

Shop our range of Graduation Hoods and Stoles with a variety of different colours to top off your celebration and give you the day to remember! Make sure that your day has the finishing touch and you are prepared to look your best

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frequently asked questions

What do the colours mean on graduation hoods?
The colours of Academic Dress hark back to the origins of the university. For more modern universities, colours may relate to the polytechnic institution that they were before 1992. For more established universities, the colours of their academic dress may have been created as far back as the middle ages, as in the cases of the University of Cambridge and Oxford. The colours of the graduation hood are provided directly by the degree awarding institute.
How do you wear a graduation hood?
To correctly wear a Graduation hood, you must first place the hood over your head through the hole in the centre. Let the Graduation hood naturally fall with the non-shiny satin side facing outwards. Then fold out the shiny lining of the hood so that you can see part of it but also still see the polyester/cotton material on the outside of the hood. To see a demonstration of how to attach a hood, please head to and watch from 34 seconds.
What materials are used to create the Graduation Hoods?
The materials used for academic hoods will depend on the specifications provided by the official regalia of an institute. However, the majority of hoods Evess produce are generally 100% polyester. Evess use a polyester plain or twill weave outer fabric with a polyester satin lining. Our hoods may also use faux fur, which is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester.
Are all Hoods one size?
All hoods are one size fits all.
How do I wash my Graduation Hood?
We recommend hand washing our hoods and stoles. To remove stains use a small amount of bio laundry gel with a soft nail brush and then rinse in a clean washing up bowl. We do not advise using a washing machine as the stain may remain and the colour will run. Additionally, machine washing may ruin the stitching.
What are stoles used for at graduation?
Graduation Stoles are used as a recognition of an award or course completion. In the UK, they are mainly used to signify a student achievement award or below university and college level of certification. In the USA, Graduation Stoles are used to represent certifications with honour cords used for special mentions. A more modern tradition has seen Graduation Stoles made from traditional Kente material originating in Africa being used to show the family origins of students and celebrating this.
Can you iron graduation stoles?
Yes, graduation stoles can be ironed on a low heat to make them look their best.
How do you wear a stole for graduation?
Graduation stoles are worn around your neck in a similar way to a scarf. You let both sides hang down and they do not require any tying up. Let them hang to see the full design.
Are all Graduation Stoles one size?
Yes, all Graduation stoles are one size.
What are the Graduation Stoles made of?
Different Graduation Stoles are made from different materials. Typical UK and US graduations stoles are made from satin or artificial satin-type fabrics. Separately, Kente Stoles are made from traditional fabric sourced in Ghana.
How do I wash my Graduation Stole?
It is not preferable to wash your Graduation Stole. However, if washing it is required, please take as much care as you possibly can. If you can steam the stole and remove dirt using this technique, that is preferable. If you have to wash the stole, please clean it at a low temperature using a washing bag.
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