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The Client

Anglia Ruskin University's prior experience with its gowning supplier was marked by disappointment as the supplier failed to meet the university's expectations on crucial fronts.

The unorganised gown hire delivery system created unnecessary stress and inconvenience for graduates, disrupting the flow of the graduation process.

Poor queue management in tight spaces added further challenges, impeding the smooth progression of the ceremony and diminishing the celebratory atmosphere. Compounding the issue, a high percentage of on-the-day bookings led to longer queues, causing frustration and logistical difficulties.

Recognising the need for a more efficient and seamless graduation experience, Anglia Ruskin University sought a new gowning supplier committed to organised gown delivery, effective queue management, and an improved booking system to enhance the overall satisfaction of graduates and their families during this significant milestone.

The Solution

Graduation Attire played a pivotal role in transforming the graduation experience for Anglia Ruskin University by implementing a series of strategic measures.

The company ensured an organised gown delivery on the day, streamlining the process and minimising disruptions for graduates.

The implementation of proper queue management enhanced the flow of the gowning journey, contributing to a more seamless experience for the students. By providing an easy-to-use online booking system, we facilitated efficient pre-event arrangements for graduates.

Moreover, our quick on-the-day booking solutions addressed the high percentage of last-minute bookings, significantly reducing queues and logistical challenges.

The Results

By addressing these key aspects, Graduation Attire not only met but exceeded Anglia Ruskin University's expectations, leaving graduates and their families with a memorable and stress-free graduation experience.

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