Uniform & Important information



All Graduation Attire Limited staff are expected to wear appropriate clothes for the graduation ceremonies and look professional. Staff should provide their own:

- Dark shoes or dark smart trainers.
- Black, navy or grey trousers, or black, navy or grey skirts.
- White long or short sleeved collared shirt.

We aim to provide staff with purple polos to wear, but in the event that these are unavailable, please ensure you bring a white shirt as noted above.


Smoking Policy

All staff are expected to comply with the smoking rules of the premises.

Smoking breaks are not permitted out of your designated break times.

Please be sensible when smoking during the ceremony days and do so in designated smoking areas or preferably outside of the university campus or venue.

Please wear an appropriate jacket/coat on top of your uniform when smoking.



Staff will be allowed regular breaks throughout the day. Your team leader will be responsible for coordinating this.



Your ceremony manager will ask you to clock in and out on each day. They will then calculate your hours and send them over to payroll. It is your responsibility to clock in and out. Your ceremony manager will check each day.

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