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Clergy Shirts

You work hard to teach and help the people of your congregation, you deserve to do it in style.

Choose from our vast selection of shirts, surplices, cottas and cassocks in the range below!

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frequently asked questions

How do I care for Clergy Shirts?
Clergy Shirts should have the collar removed and be washed at 40 degrees Celsius. They should then be carefully ironed to look their best when being worn.
What are Clergy shirts made of?
Our Reliant Clergy Shirts are made from a Polycotton blend material making them comfortable for the wearer.
How do I measure for a clergy shirt?
The main measurement that is taken to measure for your Clergy Shirt is your neck circumference. This then makes us aware of rough chest, waist and shirt length measurements allowing us to provide you with the perfect sized shirt.
What is the Shipping process for delivery?
The shipping process for delivery is decided at the checkout. You are able to choose from: Standard UK Delivery (3-5 working days), Next Day UK Delivery, Saturday Guaranteed UK Delivery & International Shipping. All Next Day Delivery orders must be placed before 2pm the day before.
Do you have a bulk order discount?
If you are purchasing 10 or more Clergy Shirts, we should be able to provide a bulk order discount. To receive an accurate quote for a bulk purchase, please email
What Do Different Colour Clergy Shirts Mean?
Black clergy shirts often symbolise a level of formality and are the most common clerical attire. In the United Methodists and other Catholic branches. purple is reserved for bishops but can also be used for services concerning repentance. White is used for baptisms, weddings and funerals while red is used as both another colour that signifies being a bishop as well as being in remembrance of martyred saints. Cardinals often wear maroon to symbolise their higher position in the Church.

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