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Sunflower Lanyards

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a globally recognised symbol for non-visible disabilities, also known as hidden disabilities or invisible disabilities. These include autism, chronic pain, learning difficulties, visual, hearing or speech impairments, mobility and mental health conditions.

Someone wearing a sunflower lanyard is discreetly communicating to you that they might require some extra support or extra time. It might also mean that they are exempt from wearing a face covering.

What to do:

  • Discreetly approach the person with the sunflower lanyard and explain you’venoticed they are wearing one and ask whether there is anything you can do to maketheir experience more comfortable.

  • Ensure social distancing at all times. If others are standing too close to someone witha sunflower lanyard, politely remind them to socially distance.

  • Have a disability friendly queue that that person can join which is not as busy and the staff member assisting is able to offer some extra time.

  • Be aware that the person you are assisting might be feeling nervous so offer some reassurance and explain what you will be doing. If you are dressing them, ask for their permission to touch them, otherwise demonstrate how to wear the garment and let them dress themselves.

  • Make the person feel comfortable by speaking to them in a calm manner and use simple language. You might need to repeat instructions.

For more info, visit: Hidden Disabilities

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