Inns of Court | Call to the Bar Preparation Package

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Have you received your call to the bar this year? Have you thought about what you are going to wear? 

Tailor De Jure provide traditionally designed, courtroom ready attire which will set you up ready for your ceremony in one straight purchase. Our Call to the Bar set includes:

  • Barrister's Gown, UK Grey/White Wig and Adjustable Band or Full Bib Collarette
  • Traditional Barrister's Gown featuring Traditional Liripipe
  • Tailored Wig is Handmade from 100% Pure Horsehair
  • Grey/White Wig For Use in UK Courtrooms
  • Both Gown and Wig Are Available In Various Sizes
  • Traditional Wooden Certificate Frame
  • Monogrammed Barristers Bag - Blue Flower Damask Fabric (please confirm initials to
  • Perfect fit for an A4 Certificate, displayed behind Glass

Everything you need to celebrate and prepare for life in the courtroom!