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The Client

Staffordshire University's previous gowning supplier left much to be desired, as the company failed to meet the institution's expectations on crucial fronts, significantly impacting the overall graduation experience.

The slow gown delivery to students introduced unnecessary delays and frustrations, disrupting the smooth flow of the ceremony and potentially diminishing the significance of the moment.

The absence of a dressing service further exacerbated the situation, leaving graduates without the support they needed during this pivotal occasion. Moreover, the supplier's failure to contribute to a celebratory atmosphere detracted from the joyous occasion, resulting in a lackluster and impersonal experience for students and their families.

Recognising the need for improvement in these critical areas, Staffordshire University sought a new gowning supplier committed to efficient delivery, comprehensive dressing services, and ensuring a truly celebratory and memorable graduation experience for its students.

The Solution

Graduation Attire played a pivotal role in elevating Staffordshire University's graduation experience through a meticulous and thoughtful approach.

We ensured an organised gown delivery on the day, efficiently catering to the needs of graduates and minimising any potential delays or disruptions.

Moreover, we provided a full dressing service, alleviating the stress on students and allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the celebratory atmosphere. By providing expert assistance with gowning, we enhanced the significance of the moment for graduates, contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable ceremony.

The Results

Our commitment to creating a great celebratory experience was evident in our attention to detail and dedication to ensuring every aspect of the graduation process contributed to a memorable and joyous occasion for Staffordshire University's graduates and their families.

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