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The Headpiece to Remember.

Our Graduation Hats are perfect for all graduation ceremonies, whether you have just completed your early years of education or if you have worked for many years to achieve your PhD or Doctorate! The throwing of the mortarboard graduation cap is the perfect photo, and our quality graduation caps fit the bill perfectly.


What is a graduation hat called? +

The graduate hat (also known as an academic cap, graduate cap, mortarboard, or trencher) is part of the formal academic attire to be worn by graduating students (graduands) during the graduation ceremony.

What is a PHD graduation hat called? +

Graduation Tam - Also known as a Tudor bonnet, this special cap is reserved for Master's and doctorate recipients. During the graduation ceremony, it is also worn by professors and academic officials. Typically, the academic tam is made with fluffy velvet material in a circular design.

How are graduation hats worn? +

The pointed tip of your cap is meant to go in the front of your head while the elastic band should go behind. The cap should be worn directly on your head and not tilted back and it should lie about one inch above your eyebrows.

How do I put the tassel on my graduation cap? +

Remove your tassel from its protective sleeve. Hold it up and check for any tangled strands. Slide the loop at the top of the tassel onto the button at the centre of the top of your graduation hat. Tug gently on the tassel to make sure it's firmly seated under the button. Arrange your tassel so it drapes over the right side of your graduation hat while you're wearing it.

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