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6000+ Students gowned in summer 2022

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The Client

Rated consistently as one of the top Universities in the UK, Lancaster University excels in delivering the highest quality of education and student experience to over 15,000 students every year.

In 2020, Graduation Attire was chosen to be the new graduation specialists for their upcoming ceremonies in order to further improve upon the graduation experience.

Summer 2022 saw the University's highest number of Graduates, with over 6000 students from the 2020-2022 cohorts attending over a two-week span.

The Solution

Increased numbers due to previously postponed ceremonies meant that exceptional customer service was vital in ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all graduates, from registration up to graduation day. Our friendly and knowledgeable team helped to alleviate any potential stress or concerns that customers may have had leading up to and on the day of the event.

To cater for the increased numbers of staff and students for this event, our highly skilled team began production preparations immediately, mitigating any risks and ensuring the event ran perfectly.

The Results

Our planning, organisation and service quality was key to us successfully delivering 29 Graduation Ceremonies during the Summer 2022 period.

Post-event we received outstanding feedback from Lancaster University regarding quality of service to the overall experience for students and staff.

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