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The Client

Aston University is a research-led university known globally for their world-class teaching excellence.

Aston University's experience with its previous gowning supplier proved to be unsatisfactory, as the supplier fell short of meeting the university's expectations on multiple fronts. One significant issue was unclear communication and collaboration leading up to the event, causing stress on the staff members. Additionally, the lack of clear on-the-day signage added confusion and inconvenience for graduates and their families, detracting from the celebratory atmosphere of the occasion. Furthermore, the early closure of the booking system created frustration and logistical challenges for students who were unable to secure their gowning appointments in a timely manner.

Recognising the importance of a smooth and positive graduation experience, Aston University sought a new gowning supplier committed to excellence in service and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Graduation Attire played a pivotal role in elevating Aston University's graduation experience through a comprehensive and customer-centric approach.

Through proactive engagement with Aston University, we fostered a collaborative and transparent partnership, addressing any queries or concerns promptly. This clear line of communication facilitated a thorough understanding of Aston University's specific requirements and expectations, allowing us to tailor our services accordingly.

On the day of the ceremony, our commitment to excellence was evident in the implementation of clear signage and way-finding, enhancing the overall experience by minimising confusion and providing a seamless flow for graduands. Moreover, our thoughtful consideration was reflected in a lenient booking system, allowing students ample time to secure their gown booking without the stress of an early closure.

The Results

By addressing these key aspects, Graduation Attire not only met but exceeded Aston University's expectations, contributing significantly to the creation of a memorable and smooth graduation day for all involved.

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